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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page, where you can find answers to some of the most common questions we receive about our products & services.

Can I move the trailer myself?2023-03-10T10:01:29+00:00

No, our operatives will deliver the trailer to your desired location, position it and secure it with a wheel clamp and hitch lock.

What temperature do the trailers operate at?2023-03-10T10:01:29+00:00

Chillers will operate between 10 and 4 degrees, freezers will operate between 10 and -21 degrees.

How much space do they take up?2023-03-10T10:01:29+00:00

This depends on the size of trailer ordered, typically the trailer is 1.5 meters longer than the internal length, including space to open the door at the back of the trailer. They are 2.2m wide and 2.7m high.

Do the trailers need to be on level ground?2023-03-10T10:01:29+00:00

Level ground is best however, the trailers are fitted with prop stands at each corner and will be levelled by our operative when they are delivered.

What time will my trailer be delivered?2023-03-10T10:01:29+00:00

Depending on driver availability, trailers can be delivered Monday – Friday at a time to suit you. Weekend delivers are available however, there will be additional costs. If a weekend delivery or collection is needed please let us know when asking for your quote.

How long will it take to chill the products?2023-03-10T10:01:29+00:00

The trailers will take an hour to reach temperature, perishable products should be at the required temperature when they are put in the coldroom. Due to the heat load, drinks will take up to 24 hours to chill.

What power supply do the trailers need?2023-03-10T10:01:29+00:00

The trailers can be fed from a standard 13a domestic socket. We will supply the necessary 13a – 16a converter and a 20m cable. Additional cable is available on request, please let us know how much is needed when asking for your quote. If there is no suitable power supply nearby, we can provide a generator to power the coldroom. If a generator is needed please let us know when asking for your quote

Is the trailer secure?2023-03-10T10:01:29+00:00

Yes, all trailers have lockable doors, when the trailer is handed over our driver will give your representative a key

What if I need the trailer for longer than planned?2023-03-10T10:01:29+00:00

Contact us as soon as possible and where we can, we will accommodate extensions to the hire period.

Is long term hire available?2023-03-10T10:01:29+00:00

Yes, special rates are available for long term hire, please contact our team with your requirements.

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